Why choose us?

If you are on our site, it means you would like to have a private place nearby the sea and you've made the right choice by making the first step with us! 

We are here for you to make your dreams come true, in the most hassle free and comfortable way!

Why choose us?

Our company's first office was founded in Korinthos (one of the most prominent places for Ancient Greek culture) in 1996. From the start, we've established that guaranteeing a safe deal for our clients is the number one priority, giving them a peace of mind they want when making such an important purchase. 


In comparison to other real estate companies, who offer property for rent and/or sale all over the Greece, we only work in one region - Peloponnese or Korinthia. This gives us the edge over others since we specialise in a particular area, which we know inside out. 


The most important rule of our company is to make the deal with maximum comfort and safety for our client - you! Our cooperation starts from your very first visit to the central office and continues through searching for your dream location. It can only be considered closed upon receipt of all the documents (in accordance with the law). Qualified lawyers take care of this aspect. 

All the steps of the deal can be translated for the following language pairings: Greek – Russian / Greek – English. 

Despite difficult economic conditions, the company is developing successfully and opened an additional office in Loytraki in 2015. 

Korinthos is a desirable real estate spot, which is right by the sea. Ideally located, with stunning views and hearty local cuisine, it's a unique land all together. From the moment you land in the airport of Athens, you can either travel to us by car (total journey time about 1 hour) or by rail (about 1 hour and 20 minutes). 

We're looking forward to making sure your dreams of owning a gem by the sea come true! 



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